Our repair workshop is CE-certified and equipped with the latest technology for diagnostics, fine tuning and control.

In case of a defect you can choose between two service models: immediate exchange or individual repair.

The quality of our multihead weighers has convinced Yamato Scale customers for years now. Our customers also appreciate all services from our service portfolio. We are especially proud of our CE-certified workshop for the repair of all Yamato Scale electronic components, such as actuator units and operator units (RCUs – Remote Control Units).

The workshop for our Benelux customers is located in our Dutch subsidiary in Goirle and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All repairs are carried out to meet the strictest quality requirements. As an original manufacturer, we are able to reliably overhaul the electronic components and restore them to a “like new” condition. Testing, diagnostics, function settings and subsequent checks are carried out using original Yamato measurement simulators.

Don’t entrust anyone but the original manufacturer with the repair of your actuator units.

Control unit (RCU – Remote Control Unit) of a multihead weigher. The units are repaired to meet the strictest quality requirements.

Actuator of a SIGMA multihead weigher. The actuator units issued from our exchange program are „like new“ and represent an inexpensive alternative in the case of a defect.

Each unit receives a certificate of quality

With the aid of our test equipment, a diagnosis of the malfunction of the defective units is made. These test parameters are recorded and carefully documented. Our experienced technicians then draw up a plan for the ReQualification and the subsequent repair is carried out by trusted Yamato experts. Before a repaired actuator unit or operating unit leaves the workshop, its function is carefully checked. This is once more done with the help of Yamato measuring simulation equipment. Here further necessary fine tuning is carried out to ensure the accuracy of your multihead weigher. Afterwards, each repaired unit receives a test or adjustment protocol. The measurement parameters listed in the protocol represent a reference for the proper functioning of the finished units. Our service goes even further, as we provide a comparison of the measuring parameters before and after the repair. As a quality assurance, each unit receives a certificate with the unit number and the code of the technician who repaired and tested it.

As you know, you can choose from two service options to have your defective actuators up and running again:

  1. The first option is our Exchange service. You will receive a ReQualified (overhauled) actuator unit from our actuator exchange program. These units are considerably less expensive than a brand-new one, but their functional standards are “like new”. These actuator units are listed with their respective serial number and are carefully prepared in advance. In this case, you will immediately receive a unit which you can insert into your multihead weigher without delay. In exchange, you will be asked to send in your defective device. We grant a 1-year warranty for the actuator units from our exchange service.
  1. The second option is a repair of your own actuator unit. In this case, you will be given a quotation and, in close consultation with you, only the defective components will subsequently be exchanged. This service takes a few days. You will receive a 6-month warranty on all replaced parts.

An individual certificate is issued for each actuator unit.

We’re here to help!

Our highly qualified service technicians will repair your actuator and control units in close consultation with you. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Patrick Coursier

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

“Our consulting team comprises experienced technicians and competent members of our Spare Parts team, all readily available to advise you on any needed repairs.”


These recommendations are based on 30 years of experience at Yamato Scale.


All units, whether from the exchange program or the individual repair program, will be Yamato-certified.

Contact us for further information.

E-Mail: ysb@yamatoscale.com
Hotline: +31 13 220 11 17

Contact us for further information

Edisonstraat 2
5051 DS Goirle
The Netherlands

Country Manager: Walter ten Bruggencate

E-Mail: ysb@yamatoscale.com
Hotline: +31 (0)13 220 11 17

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